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Jul 17, 2019

Woody, voiced by Tom Hanks, frets about his role in the life of the child he entertains in director Josh Cooley’s TOY STORY 4. Woody must also keep a close eye on Forky, a new toy who becomes a fast favorite but rejects his role as a plaything.

In recommendations, Mark Pfeiffer chooses ANIMA, Paul Thomas Anderson’s short film starring Thom Yorke and featuring three songs from the Radiohead singer’s solo album of the same name. Paul Markoff picks Stephen Herek’s 1991 teen comedy DON’T TELL MOM THE BABYSITTER’S DEAD starring Christina Applegate.

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TOY STORY 4 clips courtesy Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Thom Yorke’s “Not the News” clip courtesy XL Recordings

DON’T TELL MOM THE BABYSITTER’S DEAD clip courtesy Warner Bros.

Music: "Parasail" by Silent Partner

Recorded July 13, 2019.